Rack Cards

Give Prospects the Skinny

Rack cards are a simple, affordable, flexible marketing tool for getting information out to a diverse audience. Also referred to as slim jims or pocket brochures, they easily slide into literature racks in hotels, healthcare facilities, rest stops, tourist/visitor centers, healthfood stores, nonprofit organizations, and more. They also work well in acrylic countertop literature racks next to a product display or cash register to promote specials.

In addition, rack cards are ideal for handing out personally in stores, at tradeshows and fairs, and on sales calls. Their convenient hand-friendly size allows recipients to easily tuck them in a pocket or purse to review later. You can even slip them into a #10 envelope.

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Quit racking your brain

The solution for how to stretch your marketing dollars is within easy reach with rack cards from Forms Plus. We offer the standard 4 x 9 size, along with larger sizes to communicate more details but still fold down to 4 x 9 inches. You can also choose a smaller 3.5 x 8.5 size. We’ll print in full color on one or both sides. Let us help you rack up more profits in your business or get important info about nonprofit services into the hands of people in need.

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