Best Marketing Products for Your Business

Best Marketing Products for Your Business

You know you have top-notch service and unique merchandise … now it is time to tell the world! But how? That is where smart product marketing comes into play. More than just advertising, product marketing involves understanding who your target market is, how best to appeal to them, and matching your sales strategy to close the deal. The promotional marketing product for your needs may be a single solution or a combination of pieces. Check out your options!


From the classic trifold to the four-paneled roll fold, brochures tell customers everything you want them to know! Brochures are an excellent way to provide a lot of information that customers can still hold in one hand. At a pet store, the vet clinic, or the grooming salon, a brochure for a dog walker not only provides something to do while waiting for Scruffy but is the perfect placement to attract prospective customers.

Sell Sheets

Providing more space than a postcard, sell sheets typically feature a single product or service. They are a versatile option that can be used as handouts, mail inserts, posters, or in-store displays. While sell sheets are a go-to when promoting merchandise, they are excellent for services businesses, too. Housecleaning services can use sell sheets to list specific services or package deals and promote new client specials.


Sturdy cardstock flyers are an excellent choice for occasional antique stores that are open once or twice a month. Save-the-date fliers with the next three months of store hours will keep the antique hounds from wondering if you are available. Flyers are also just the thing for nightclubs and other venues where specials and events are ever-changing. Not only will the flyers get the word out, but they can also serve as tickets or coupons to get more bang for your buck!

Door Hangers

If you are just introducing your business to the area, these small-but-mighty pieces should be at the top of your marketing products list. And they are an outstanding option for service businesses: the local tree trimmer is on-site and sees the neighbor’s elm needs help. A door hanger is a low-pressure way of saying he’s willing, able, and in the neighborhood.

And More!

Want to advertise your bed and breakfast at the tourist information center? A rack card is just the thing! How about sturdy menus for dine-in customers and handy take-out menus for phone-in orders? Have a warehouse full of inventory? A catalog may be just the thing.

And postcards! We are the place for postcards! Our postcard template gallery covers a wide array of business services, so you can find promotional marketing materials that match your company’s vibe.

Have something specific in mind? Great! Just upload your artwork! But if you need help, Print Revolution’s designers will work with you to create a custom look. No worrying about layout issues, font choice, or design principles.

Let Print Revolution be your art department with our vast array of online marketing products and services. Visit and get started today!