How to Get the Most from Your Direct Mail Dollars

How to Get the Most from Your Direct Mail Dollars

If you are the owner of a small business, you know there are countless marketing tools at your disposal to promote your products and services. Trying to decide which ones will be the most effective and affordable for you can be daunting. Where do you begin?

Know Your Audience

It is critical to know who your prospects are. If you are promoting a specialized product or service for a niche market, you would be wasting your money to blanket the airwaves or saturate the postal system with your message. Let’s say, for instance, that you make customized children’s clothing. You would want a highly targeted campaign … perhaps direct mail marketing aimed at families with children between the ages of one and seven. Perhaps you concentrate your creations on ruffled pinafores. Then you would want to prequalify your list even further – such as families with girls ages one to four. But if you offer a product or service from which almost anyone could benefit, you will want to consider Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

It’s just what the name says – you select the ZIP codes and carrier routes, and your mailing goes to everyone on the list. EDDM has proven to be a smart choice for companies such as these:


  • • Auto dealers
  • • Restaurants and Pizzerias
  • • Pharmacies
  • • Clothing Stores
  • • Furniture dealers
  • • Flower shops
  • • Coffee shops
  • • Bakeries

Service-Based Businesses

  • • Attorneys
  • • Health-care professionals
  • • Dry cleaners
  • • Home-improvement companies
  • • Real estate firms

There are many benefits to EDDM. You don’t need a postal permit. You don’t need to print out names and addresses … just use the approved Every Door Direct Mail template. There are several size options including postcards (6.5 x 9 inches), oversized postcards (8.5 x 11 inches), and tri-fold menus (4.25 x 14 inches). USPS offers reduced postage rates for EDDM Retail – with marketing flats currently at $0.191 per piece.

Saturation Mailing

The saturation mailing option is EDDM on a larger scale for universal services, such as those listed above. These mailings are sent to the majority of residents within a designated ZIP code, removing business addresses, specialty residences, and P.O. boxes from the list. There is no volume limit on size of the mailing, and multiple ZIP codes can be selected.

Carefully Define Your Target

Crucial to the success of a targeted direct mail campaign is an accurate mailing list. If you don’t already have one, you can create one free using the USPS EDDM online tool:

If you prefer to hand this task over to marketing professionals, our team at Print Revolution will help you zero in on the demographics you need to cost-effectively reach your ideal prospect – such as age, gender, income, home ownership, household size, and lifestyle. We will purchase the list that best matches your criteria and proceed to handle the EDDM printing. Then we’ll ship your prebundled pieces to you with the completed paperwork, so your all you need to do is drop everything off at your local post office.

Direct Mail Works!

According to The Household Diary Study, released in March 2020 by the United States Postal Service, 72 percent of households either read or scan the advertising mail they receive. Furthermore, 47 percent of households either intend to respond or may respond to first-class advertising mail and marketing mail.

The study points out that these stats help explain why direct mail is a popular choice of advertisers in America:

Although there is no completely equivalent measure for intended response to Internet ads, the click-through rate (the percentage of online visitors who viewed an ad and also clicked on it) is widely used as an indicator of consumers’ interest in online ads. As such, it is somewhat comparable to mail ads’ read rates. Based on published reports, the average click-through rate for Internet advertising is less than 3 percent. Overall read rates for mail ads, on the other hand, have averaged about 50 percent.

We’ve Got the Tools and Expertise You Need

At Print Revolution, we offer a full array of direct mail services to help you find the right option for your audience and budget, making the most of your marketing budget and improving your rate of success. You can either provide a mailing list, or we’ll help you generate one. Then we will track the results of every campaign or project to ensure you are getting optimum reach for every dollar spent.

For more details on how Print Revolution is revolutionizing EDDM mailing, check out our website at For a free consultation, call 844-866-9381 or 678-835-5808 or email