Business in the Palm of Your Hand Printing Your Own Custom Business Cards

Business in the Palm of Your Hand Printing Your Own Custom Business Cards

“Leave a good lasting impression,” is stellar advice in many spheres of life, but it’s especially true in the business world. No matter how well your company does what it does, someone else out there is certain to do it cheaper. So it’s important to help clients remember why they were impressed with your company to begin with and to send them directly back to you as easily and confidently as possible. Business cards were created just for this very purpose, and Print Revolution is here to help your online business card design experience as simple as possible.

Which Template Is Right or Me?

Print Revolution offers five different custom business card templates to choose from: standard, rounded corner, folded, square, and painted edge business cards. All the cards come in the standard 2 x 3.5-inch size, except for the square, which come in 2 x 2, 2.5 x 2.5, or 3 x 3 inches, respectively. Because all our cards are customizable, you can choose to print on both the front and back or front only.

Standard and Rounded Corner Business Cards

“Standard” may make this business card design seem like the dull, bare minimum, but all the bells and whistles aren’t necessary, in fact, aren’t ideal, for everyone. A standard business card with a simple design projects confidence and allows the most important information to shine through – how the client can get in touch with you. Rounded corner cards offer the same sleek, modern austerity with the added benefit of feeling a little fancier. Many run-of-the-mill printing companies don’t offer rounded corners, so it stands out without having to try to stand out. You can choose from eight cardstock and ink options for either template.

Folded Business Cards

These cards are especially good for businesses that might need more explanation than a more easily defined business. By their very nature, folded business cards are a little more unusual and unexpected, and therefore, are sure make a big impression. The interactive element of unfolding it can also help imbed your company in your client’s memory. Available in four possible cardstock and ink options.

Painted Edge Business Cards

In creative fields, standing out really means catching the eye of your potential customers, and painted business cards are designed to do just that. With an array of vivid colors including metallic inks, painted edge business cards literally allow your logo to shine while lending a playful aura to your company. Painted edge cards are available in 32-pt. cardstock only.

Square Business Cards

The most unique of our business card formats, square business cards are daring and unique. Because they won’t fit in a wallet slot as most cards are meant to, these cards are great for grab bags, gift baskets, and luxury packaging for your products. Choose from eight cardstock and ink selections.

Designing Online

Combining all the elements of your business cards is easy to do on our website. We can lend our expertise to your project and help you design your cards if you prefer. Press the “We design for you” button, or you can upload your logo by simply clicking the “Upload New Artwork” button to design it yourself.

So play your cards right with the custom design that best meets your needs. To begin designing your business cards online, log on to Print Revolution. For personal service, call 800-241-2319 or 770-271-7573.